Companies with financial aggregates that exceed the appointment thresholds are legally required to appoint an auditor.

During the course of an engagement, Grant Thornton provides a team of auditors who go beyond the mere application of the law in order to clarify the decision-making and positions adopted by directors and their teams.

Securing financial information and suggesting improvements

Every time we are appointed to carry out an audit, we design specific tailor-made tasks so that we can adapt ourselves to your organisation.

Our team is highly experienced in the special aspects of the Monegasque environment, and we can also profit from support from the Grant Thornton network when it comes to tackling international issues.

We place the accent on analysing your strategy and the risk areas arising out of it so that we can offer suggestions that will enable you to sustain your business. In this way, our intervention summaries and reports become a real source of information and improvement.

The benefits for our clients

  • Compliance with deadlines: in partnership with our clients, a precise calendar that includes the deliverables expected by all the parties involved is prepared prior to our intervention
  • We use a tailor-made risk-based approach based on your size and the specific aspects of your business model
  • A proactive approach: our teams are available throughout the year to meet with you and take a position on any issues identified internally, exceptional events and upcoming new projects, as well as their impact on future financial statements
  • We adopt a global approach to international issues thanks to support from the Grant Thornton network