Tax laws are constantly evolving, and are constantly becoming more complex. It is therefore essential that you have the assurances that you are paying the correct amounts of tax.

We take pride in giving you the most efficient tax advice to help you reach your objectives.

  • An analysis of tax residence in France, Monaco and all the other member countries of the GTI network
  • An analysis prior to any investments based on our clients' current assets and needs and on the tax implications and risks
  • Domestic and international estate tax planning
  • Assistance and contact with our selected partners for the purposes of drafting, setting up, managing and administering asset structures such as trusts and foundations
  • Domestic and international personal tax planning
  • Taxation of gifts
  • Domestic and international property taxation: acquisition, possession, use, assignment and transfer
  • Preparation of tax returns (income tax declarations, real property wealth tax declarations, etc.)
  • Assistance with tax audits and requests from the tax authorities in France, Monaco and the member countries of the GTI network
  • All issues relating to understanding and applying tax laws in the member countries of the GTI network
  • Coordination of interventions by tax and legal experts in the member countries of the GTI network.