Tax declarations in Monaco: accounting in the heart of the Principality

Definition of tax returns

Tax returns are official documents that companies must submit periodically to the tax authorities. As an accounting firm based in Monaco, we offer you a quality service to prepare and submit these essential statements. Our simplified approach and expertise allow you to focus on your business while remaining in compliance with Monegasque tax legislation.



Tax reporting objectives

Tax returns play a crucial role in the financial management of your business in Monaco. They allow you to accurately calculate your tax, while respecting your legal obligations and optimizing your tax situation throughout the year. Our duty as accountants is to advise you wisely, maximize your tax benefits and help you navigate with confidence in the Monegasque and international tax system.


The Monegasque tax system in brief

In Monaco, the tax system offers many attractive advantages. Some key points include:

• No income tax for Monegasque residents (depending on nationality);

• A tax on corporate profits set at a competitive rate;

• Tax treaties with France and other states to avoid double taxation;

• Advantageous personal taxation for executives residing in Monaco.

The benefits of tax returns for your business

Our tax reporting services provide you with many benefits:

• Optimal compliance: we ensure that all your returns are accurately completed and submitted to the tax authorities in a timely manner, avoiding any risk of penalty.

• Tax planning: our expertise allows you to take full advantage of Monegasque tax provisions to reduce your tax burden legally.

• Financial peace of mind: by letting our firm handle your returns, you can focus on growing your business with peace of mind.

• Personalized support: we offer tailor-made follow-up, answering all your tax questions and guiding you in your strategic financial decisions.



Our key accounting services

In addition to tax returns, we offer a full range of accounting services and account maintenance for businesses of all sizes. Our services include annual balance sheets, accounting audits and much more. Trust our team of experts to ensure the financial health and growth of your company in Monaco.

Also, if you plan to settle in Monaco as a resident of foreign country, it is crucial to understand the tax rights and obligations that apply, including the tax agreements between Monaco and the rest of the world. As experienced accountants, we are here to guide you through the complexities of these regulations, providing you with personalized assistance to ensure the correct application of tax laws, whether you are French or foreign. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your transition to residency in Monaco is as smooth and advantageous as possible from a financial and tax perspective.

Why choose us as accountants

At Grant Thornton Monaco we pride ourselves on our reputation for accounting excellence in Monaco. Here’s why we’re the perfect partner for your business:

• Specialized expertise: our team has a thorough knowledge of the Monegasque tax system and current legislation.

• Personalized approach: we invest in each client and tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

• Reliability and confidentiality: we ensure the confidentiality and total security of your financial data.

• Responsiveness and availability: we are there when you need us, ready to answer your questions and provide you with timely and informed advice.


Contact us today to find out how in the accounting, financial and tax fields. Our team is ready to offer you customized solutions to meet your accounting and tax needs.