Making an external growth project secure

There are numerous risks attached to an external growth project, and they might be overlooked. They must be understood, however, and they can influence a purchaser's final decision. An acquisition audit is a priority when it comes to concluding the following kinds of transaction:

  • Purchases
  • Partial transfers of assets
  • Mergers

Grant Thornton carries out complete corporate acquisition audits. We perform accounting, legal and corporate due diligence, a precious governance tool for managers.

What Grant Thornton can do for you

Grant Thornton's team reviews every project before we suggest various control points, together with a thorough analysis of the risks. Following this due diligence process, we recommend a tailor-made acquisition audit, which may include the following steps:

  • A review and diagnosis of your internal control system and information feedback processes (operational and financial)
  • A social audit
  • A legal audit (review of the Articles of Association, review of the main contracts, etc.)
  • Search for non-values (assets recoverable within less than one year)
  • An impairment test on intangible and financial assets
  • A study of unfunded liabilities