An internal audit is an independent, objective activity that provides an organisation with assurances on the level of control of its operations, provides it with advice on how to improve them and contributes towards creating value added. It offers real support to help an enterprise attain its objectives by adopting a systematic, methodical approach to evaluating its risk management, control and governance processes. It is also a source of suggestions for strengthening the effectiveness and efficiency of the processes that have been put in place. In brief, an internal audit is a true pillar of a company's strategy.

Risk management and optimisation

Depending on the size of an entity and the resources it has at its disposal, internalising internal auditing can be complex, time-consuming and expensive. As an independent outside organisation, our team of auditors can assist you with:

  • Full outsourcing of the internal audit process by carrying out periodic checks and providing brief reports with our conclusions and recommendations
  • Outsourcing specific tasks such as risk assessment, redesigning a roadmap or implementing a detailed internal control plan.

Our strengths:

  • By outsourcing all or part of your internal audits, you can focus on your core business
  • Tasks designed for your particular needs
  • Totally independent and objective controls
  • Training programmes for your employees
  • Recommendations that apply to and are adapted for your business