• We assist you with the formation of asset structures, including legal, tax, accounting and social oversight
  • We offer assistance with the creation or professional structures, including legal, tax, accounting and social oversight
  • We provide assistance with transferring your professional activity to Monaco
  • We offer assistance and put you into contact with our selected partners for the purposes of drafting, setting up, managing and administering asset structures such as trusts and foundations
  • We create family offices, including legal, tax, accounting and social oversight.

Gain a strategic advantage

Dynamic organizations need to focus on growing their business, and outsourcing could help you achieve that goal.

Entrusting certain services to third parties allows you to concentrate on your core business, on the on hand, and can also improve your efficiency and reduce your costs.

Whatever the size of your organization, and wherever it is located in the world, we use reason and instinct to ensure that your business runs as efficiently as possible.

When it comes to outsourcing, we don't trust ready-made solutions. We carefully note the needs of our clients and offer them comprehensive, efficient and confidential services.

Keeping your accounts

Depending on your needs, your accounts can be kept in the office or in your company by assisting your employees.

We can also give you the option of entering your accounts online. From then on, it will be directly accessible to you even when you are not in your company.

Our knowledge of the main accounting software allows us to adapt to your organization without disrupting it.

In addition, our approach focused on dematerialization makes it possible to provide you with a set of documents available at any time.

Finally, we can train your employees so that they master the accounting and management tools and become autonomous. From then on, our maintenance mission turns into a control mission.

Establishment of annual accounts

Far from being a simple formality, the specficity of Monaco means that the annual accounts are the subject of particular presentation.

Likewise, the level of obligation varies depending on the type of activity. The preparation of the annual accounts therefore takes into account the specificity of each company and takes place in several stages :

  • Reviez of accounts ;
  • Establishment of a project as well as a note ;
  • Analysis of the company's tax situation and possible options ;
  • Review meeting during which the options are deciced upon after analyzing the results of the financial year and after having defined the objectives to be achieved for the new financial year.

Tax returns

Although simplified compared to a State such as France, Monegasque taxation is nonetheless present. Thanks to our expertise, we are able to advise you usefully and assist you in a certain number of steps, such as :

  • VAT declarations ;
  • Annual tax declarations - declarations of results ;
  • Declarations relating to the Research Tax Credit.

We can also carry out the filing of declarations with the tax authorities on your behalf.

We are also able to take care of the personal taxation of managers and the various options to take but also the opportunities to be seized.