Master the particularities in a single day.

The primary mission of a payroll manager is to guarantee the reliability of payrolls, even the most complex. This training allows you to acquire, revise or check your knowledge. Our trainers, specialists in the field, will teach you the techniques that will be useful on a daily basis. During this day, you will discover :

  • Hiring formalities in Monaco
  • Social security exemptions
  • Working hours: overtime, weekly rest, public holidays
  • Basic salary: bonuses, benefits in kind, unjustified absences, unpaid absences, exceptional leave, maternity/paternity leave, paid leave
  • Social security contributions: social security organizations, social security contributions, ceilings, brackets, luncheon vouchers, 5% Monegasque, professional expenses
  • Net pay: seizure of salary, advance payments
  • Termination of the employment contract 

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